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“Get a G.R.A.S.P. on Your Budget and Your Cash”

A Complete Family Financial Planning, Budgeting and Learning Tool for ALL age groups!


NEW Version 2.2!

This is the only financial planning tool you’ll ever need! Our unique software program has expanded to meet virtually every budgeting and basic family financial planning need. This program goes well beyond budgeting, but is simple enough for any individual that wants to start at ground zero and grow into all of its financial capabilities.

This program is perfect for families with kids, working adults, retirees, and college students. The 4 kids modules are all age-group appropriate and foster a great learning opportunity for both parents and their kids. The college planner is unequaled. The NEW Retiree program will help retirees see the impact of their spending on the de-accumulation of their retirement funds:

  • Develop a “de-accumulation” or spend down strategy for your nest egg
  • Understand the impact of your budget
  • Set realistic retirement expectations
  • Put the “4% Withdrawal Rule” into perspective
  • Run unlimited scenarios using your own personal data – safely and securely on your own computer

The Working Adult program is simple to use but very sophisticated with a host of new features and reports that will impress any finance professional. An independent accountant indicated that this module alone is worth $250 for a financial planner or accountant to perform the work to create this quality of work for a client. See his testimonial. Now you can learn to do it yourself and do it on a regular basis.

Family Series v2.2 brings together all our individual budgeting and finance products into one complete and integrated package with easy-to-learn and easy-to-use navigation between the modules. Programs and functional highlights include the following:

  • Working Adult
    • Develop your Money Values and Strategic Financial Plan
    • Short, Medium and Long-Term Goal Planning
    • Full-Featured Budgeting Program
    • Daily Tracker for all your discretionary spending
    • Debt Elimination Plan
    • Retirement Estimator
    • Insurance Planner
    • Several Customized Reports
      • Net Worth Breakdown
      • Monthly Cash Flow Analysis
      • Financial Wellness Report includes 18 key personal financial metrics in 7 major categories
  • Money Modules and Education Tools for Kids
    • (4) Kids Programs (age-grouped appropriate)
    • College Student Planning module
  • Other Financial Apps include:
    • Time Value of Money app
    • Home Purchase Comparison app
    • Auto Buy vs Lease Comparison app
  • NEW Retiree module

Watch this 5-minute video to get a glimpse of our powerful family finance apps that can help change your family dynamics forever…

$129.95 if Ordered Seperately

All for only $47.00

(Requires Microsoft Excel on Windows PC)

Why Did we Create the “Family Series?”

Despite multiple income sources, families today are saddled with lower incomes, higher debt, and less home equity than ever before. Here’s some key statistics:

  • Many studies indicate that nearly half of parents don’t have a financial plan for themselves or for their family
  • According to the Benefit Research Institute, 60% of workers have less than $25,000 in any type of savings or investment
  • Consumer Federation of America found that 80% of the survey’s respondents rated themselves as “good” or “excellent” at family budgeting and handling credit card debt.

Perhaps the most important reason for creating the Family Series is for the future of our kids. The President’s Advisory Council for Financial Capacity (PACFC) has determine that kids need to start learning about money at 3 years old. View the website Money As You Grow. That’s great advice. So we developed a solution to help kids of all ages with age-appropriate tools built right into the Family Series program.

Our program to enables families to start treating finances like other critical life situations and goals, through education and creating a plan and a financial roadmap to help get us where we want to go.

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“Family Series” includes:
  • Working Adult Program
  • College Student Planner
  • All 4 age-grouped Kids Programs
  • NEW Retiree module
  • 3 useful financial apps
  • All-in-One easy-to-use system
$129.95 if Ordered Seperately

All for only $47.00

(These apps require MS Excel on Windows PC)


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Podcast Interview on our Family Series software solution:

“Money Subjects Made Simple” (hosted by Tom Wachowski)


“As an accountant, I see clients every day that struggle with managing their finances. Mike Kastler’s latest Version 2 budgeting worksheets are the perfect solution. Loaded with new features such as Goal Setting, Paycheck Allocator, and Saving’s Allocator plus all the prior worksheets, this program has the features I’ve been looking for in a budgeting program for my clients!” – April, 2011 – D. Jackson, Accountant

“…It is truly an experience that will change your financial future.” – January, 2010 – Pastor Frank Collins, seminar review

“…a professional budgeting plan valued at $250.00.”  February, 2010 – Tom, CPA, Liberty Tax office in Flint, MI, seminar review

“..Mike Kastler guides you through a very easy to follow formula to help identify and stop the “leaks” in your financial boat. His book is wonderful and it can benefit anyone who is interested in reaching a financial goal, and saving money for the future.”  James S, review

“I am a single mother with 2 children. This book has been a lifesaver for me. I am forever on a budget! I have tried other programs in the past however; I have never had any success until I purchased this gem…”   J. Mitchell, review

“I was unemployed and this program was instrumental in getting me readjusted to a much smaller income.” Anonymous


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